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Welcome to


"It's a Power-Walking Ministry that Targets the True Bride of Christ,

and puts in place a Future-Minded System for Provision..."©

WhyVineworks Gatherings?

Vineworks gatherings are designed to deliver people from the spiritual power that God raised up, enabling it to masquerade as the Spirit of God in the world for the last 1900+ years.  This is the "sword" that Jesus said He came to bring. Revelation 18:4 says, "Come out of her my people" and the "her" God is delivering His people from is a spiritual principality surrounding the earth called Babylon.  The Ancient of Days will come and judged her (we believe it is sooner than we might think), BREAKING  her powerful hold over people worldwide, as the Bible promised He would.  The bible says there is "a season and time" now, until Jesus returns, according to Daniel 7.

Through a simple 'denomination-neutral' process, people are learning the subtle yet powerful differences between the spirit behind the false gospels and the Spirit behind the Gospel that Jesus originally came to put in place. Unity among believers is finally being achieved through insights and understandings that empower people to accept others and rapidly grow their own ability to 'Enter and Remain' in the True Vine of Christ.  People of all walks of life come to Vineworks gatherings because they are places of peace, rest, strength and joy!  The powerful yokes are broken, people are set free.

Does this interest you?

If so, we invite you to discover how refreshing it is to be delivered from the spirit masquerading as the spirit of God. It's about restoring and simplifying things back to the basic's of the pure Gospel that holds all the real and sobering power. In this over-complicated world today, power-walking brings us back to the true heart of what it means to "walk as Jesus walked" and the "Joy of the Cross".

It's transformational, liberating, non-religious, and LIFE GIVING!!!   

We have been given the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, 

and "He is filling the earth with it, as the waters cover the sea"!  Habakkuk 2KJV

Are  you one of the millions of people out there who have know all along that something is very wrong in the church, but could never really put your finger on it?  Do you have deeper questions but feel afraid to ask them in church?  Then look no further, simply join us and take what you find back to your church family!

"Come, walk with us a mile, stay awhile, and together

we'll miss the great denial..." ©

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