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"It's a Power-Walking Ministry that Targets the True Bride of Christ,

and puts in place a Future-Minded System for Provision..."©


The Glory of God, placed in the Spirit of His Son, then given into each person as they are born into this life! 

What a simple, powerful Truth, Hallelujah !!! Here is a very brief overview about this "Precious Treasure" in you and the supernatural war that has quietly raged against it for nearly 2000 years...

Right before His Crucifixion, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man is glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will glorify the Son in himself, and will glorify him at once.” See John 13:31,32 KJV.

Right before His Crucifixion, Jesus said, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” 

“Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? 

No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name!” See John 12:23,24,27,28 NIV

Jesus said ‘the whole reason for His coming to earth’ was to shed His blood for the sins of the world and be glorified “at once” on the cross to produce 'many seeds'. We know Jesus’ soul went to hell to preach this Good News for three days, so God didn’t glorify Jesus’ soul that very hour. And we know Jesus’ body laid in the tomb for three days, so God didn’t glorify his body that very hour either. So the only thing God could have glorified 'that very hour’ was Jesus’ spirit - just as it says in Luke 24:36 NIV… “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” 

When he had said this, he breathed his last.”

The Point: God put His own Glory IN the spirit of Jesus - creating a "Precious Treasure" of trillions of "Kernels of Wheat" for God to 'plant' in the soil of people's hearts when born, just as it says in John 1:9 NKJ or older. Jesus's 'Parable of the Sower' explains the adversity we have in growing this "deposit" in us, and Hebrews 6:7,8 explains the seriousness of us needing to grow it. It says "Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed, receives the blessing of God. But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless

 and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned."

But how can we grow something we weren't told about and can't see? And unless God stirs this 'consuming fire of perfect love' in our belly we don't even feel it! Fortunately, John 1:9 is one Biblical "Proof" that this "Precious Treasure" has been in YOU since you were born. And, Paul said in Galatians 1:15,16, “But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son in me so that I might preach him among the Gentiles, my immediate response was not to consult any human being.” It says that God revealed to Saul, that the 'glorified spirit of Jesus' was already in him - and this happened on the road to Damascus while Saul was on his way to persecute Christians! So the Precious Treasure was inside Saul, without his own efforts or invitation! Saul became Paul that Day, due to this life-altering revelation. In a similar way, at 10 years old, this author had never heard any gospel, yet as the lady at children's Sunday school began to read John 3:16 I felt a 'fire of the most perfect love' rise up inside my belly, and the thoughts went 

through my mind, "I've heard it a 1000 times. I've known it for 2000 years". 

 God revealed something or more respectfully, 'someone' inside me that day. Maybe you've experienced this too?

The Gospel Paul preached revolved around 'The Glory of God in Christ in ALL people' - this is why the Apostle Paul taught his disciples, "DO NOT look at anyone as though they are worldly" because they have it in them too! This is why Jesus said that if He be "lifted up on the Cross, He would gain the ability to 'draw ALL' men and women to Himself". So no matter what behaviour you or someone else displays, it cannot separate you from this Glorious Deposit in you, until the Judgment when you have "given an account for every idle word spoken" as it says, and are "rewarded for everything you did 

while in your human body", as it says.

Even though Satan's religious versions of Christianity are like a 'magnetic vortex of darkness' that subtly blinds people of this glorious treasure in them, it's still there. Men and women may choose to ignore it in them, but it doesn't leave them. People may refuse to search for it and take it into the most inner part of their heart, but it doesn't leave them. In fact, 'it' "will never leave you nor forsake you", as it says. "It" is the glorified spirit of one perfect human being who is in you - 

and God made this possible On The Cross.

In the old Covenant that God made with the 'Israelites', their bad behaviour was called "sin" and it separated or alienated 'them' from God - that is an undisputed Biblical fact that did not apply to Gentiles. In the New Covenant that God made with 'All' people, our bad behaviour cannot separate us from this precious gift within us, (prior to the Great Judgment Day) but our bad or questionable behaviour can cause us to "feel" like we have 'sinned' and are separated from God. When we say, think, or do something that 'we' think might be 'sin', it creates an opportunity for doubt to find a hold on us which stops our faith, belief and even the power of Christ's blood from flowing in and around us. Every day, our "accuser" - "the Prince of the power of the air" niggles at our minds and even uses visible circumstances to make us doubt, and this is what makes us feel as though we are separated from God's loving care, provision, protection, healing, etc. Religion tells us this "feeling" is because we have "sinned". But many moons ago, while studying His word, the Lord told me this:

"Pray thee, before you say or do anything, that if it were held against you as being sin to the Lord, that your faith and belief would continue to speak, and that doubt would find no hold on you. For to man, there is this, but one challenge..."

Even though Jesus fulfilled Daniel's writings about "making an end of sins" on the Cross, Satan has caused people to "add sin to sin" by "raising up a 'covering' that is not God's", while "sitting in the seat of Moses" as it says - which was a seat of law - laws that God said "didn't work" but "only produced more rebellion" - which by the way God said was His whole reason for making a New Covenant in the first place!!! Nevertheless, the modern day pharisees' beliefs are Very Deeply Rooted in them. For example, about 24 years ago God sent me into a Christian Church during their Alter Call, and to make a long story short God took their power away in an instant - stopping their signs and wonders, and leaving the leadership confounded. Yet, if I had gone to the leadership and said, "the spirit manifesting in your service was really Satan, not God" they would have reacted like peroxide on an infection. This is not because the leadership was evil, it is because of the infection in them. As well, the Bible says that "the one unforgivable sin" is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, so whenever this 'topic' is brought up, the infection in them accuses them of committing the unforgivable sin 

and they run from the discussion for fear.

 *This fear pins them down like how Goliath pinned down the Israelite army with fear producing taunts. Yet, anyone can read where Jesus said at the Judgment, He will reject 'many' Christ confessing christians who were doing signs, wonders,  and prophesying in the Name of Jesus! People who are unwilling to talk about this are either "delusional", as Paul said,

   or under the power of something evil - because it's too serious to be afraid to talk about it !

More proof is found with Peter. In the gospels, Jesus told Peter to his face that he needed to be converted. Then God shows Peter the vision more than once of a sheet descending from heaven with all kinds of animals which Jews never ate. God said to Peter, "Rise up kill and eat" and Peter boldly declared he had never eaten those unclean animals. God then told Peter, "Do not call unclean, what I have made clean". Peter was a Jew, and although Peter was a "Christian", Peter's heart still saw certain people as "unclean" due to holding onto religious ideologies that he was taught. God told him to stop doing that, because on the cross, God had made the Gentiles clean also. Next Peter was taken to Cornelius' house and God proved His words to Peter about the Gentiles - namely that before Peter finished testifying, God filled Cornelius and his family with the Holy Spirit and Power. This happened without Peter praying for them or even touching them.

So, obviously, we should not look at people as worldly because they have been made clean in God's eyes at the cost of His Own Son's Blood, and because they too have this precious gift inside them - waiting for them to discover it (if they haven't  already) - or for God to reveal His Son's glorified Spirit' inside them (if He hasn't already).

If you are beginning to understand these truths, it means you, like Peter, are being converted and that simply means you are now seeing and receiving this for the first time. All of these revelations have come from God after years of devoting my life to listening and learning of the Father. I say that without pride, as it has cost me my life to learn them. Anyone who is truly laying down their life to follow after Him will rejoice over these Biblical truths. He said "Anyone who wants to come after Me, must lay down their life and choose to do the Father's will", that one, shall not only "inherit the Kingdom of God", but "they will find out where My teachings come from" (the Father); in other words, "they shall be given the right to understand and interpret or "rightly divide" My word".

Please don't get hung up on words like "converted". If you're feeling that "Love Fire" inside your belly reading this, you know what you are reading here today is truly Good News! And although you might be experiencing a myriad of 'Goliath taunting' emotions, the truth is exposing the darkness that has blinded all of us at times. Nevertheless, this is what it means to be converted from a religious Christian to the True Vine of Christ...

Most likely, you haven't heard this at church. It is the Restored Gospel and the One Standard that He promised to Raise up "when the darkness comes in like a flood". The world has never been so dark as now. Sadly, the True Gospel has been watered down and misrepresented to all of us through the generations. So I implore you to look up the "Scriptures" for yourself and ask the Lord to lead you into all His truth - and if you are sincere, He will. When people take this to heart, a conversion breaks forth, freeing people from the vine of this world and false teachings to fully benefit from the "nourishing sap" of the True Vine - The living and active word of God. You will no longer go to church and 'assume' that the power that rises in the service is "God", sometimes it is, but you will have become like Mary - who was highly regarded for questioning everything - even the legitimacy of the Angel that came greeting her! You will learn to discern the if it's the Spirit of God or a false counsellor. This is vital to maturing in our Lord and this is what it means to "grow a crop of Him in you."

So then, let me ask you... Are you now a "converted Christian" or will you refuse this truth and therefore remain "unconverted? Converted Christians not only embrace this Gospel, but even without knowing, they have believed in it their whole lives, as the Kernel of Wheat, who is Him planted in you since your birth, and "He knew you even before the foundations of the earth were laid", like this Author alluded to already in his own experience at Children's Sunday school. My wife also will attest to knowing it, even before she fully recognized Him living in her at the age of 23, and likely, even before you were fully converted (or fully believed) , you too naturally believed this basic core Gospel Truth without being told. Even before you truly understood it was Him in you, you already lived this way: even through your many trials and failures, you tried not to judge, but accepted all people and are now learning (if you haven't already), that this is a deposit of His Glory living inside everyone - you believe this gift is in all people (as He stands at the door of every heart and knocks...); and you have come to believe all people were made clean by Christ's Blood on the cross - just like Peter,

 the Christian, learned that day.

Unconverted Christians are like Peter before God changed him... they are religious; they judge by what they see and hear; they refuse to believe all people have this "Precious Treasure inside" them ; they refuse to look at people exhibiting bad behaviour as though they are still clean in God's eyes - because of the Living River of Redemptive Blood that Reconciled all things on earth and in heaven, as Paul said, and as the Prophets of old declared. 

Today, unconverted Christians murder people's blood covered identity by their unbelief in it - in a similar way as Peter physically murdered Ananias and his wife. Or do you really think that in "the period of His grace" during 'His Day of Acceptability' God killed Ananias and Saphirra? If you think God killed them, you need to be converted from 

calling the wrong person God. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Around 45-50AD, the Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 1:19, “For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in him (Jesus/Yahshua), and through Him to reconcile to Himself (to God /Yahweh) all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross". (meaning that in God's opinion, the reconciliation took place on the Cross) Paul continued, "Once you were alienated from God (meaning prior to the Cross) and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior. But now (meaning after the Cross) he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation – If you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel. (meaning: you will stand before God regardless, but if you want to be presented as holy without blemish, and free from accusations from those sitting on His throne with Him, you must continue in your faith, remaining in his Word, established in it all the days of your life) This is the gospel that you heard Paul preach to the Colossians and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant" up to that time.

The Point: Paul said God's reconciliation of all things was done on the cross, so when Paul said, “Once you were alienated from God”, he meant you were unreconciled to God before the cross. You can’t say all things were reconciled on the cross, and then tell someone they need to be reconciled after the cross. That's convoluted... ​

The Point: Hearing and believing the Good News is not what reconciles a person to God or makes them "Righteous" - it's only the blood of God's Son on the cross and this indescribable gift "given" to us all, as Paul said. Did mankind make a New Covenant with God? Or did God make a New Covenant for mankind? If God did it, then only God's opinion about it matters, right? The "New Covenant" isn't like a business contract where "All parties have to agree" before it takes effect. How foolish! It all took place and has all been in effect before you were born into this life - just as it says in the original text of John 1:9, "Christ is the True Light, and He gives this light to every person who comes into this world" = You !

The Point: When God glorified Jesus’ Spirit, He created an Eternal and Incorruptible Seed, or 'Gift'. By placing this seed in all people, God gained the ability to "draw all men to Himself" as it says, and will also raise all people back to life to face the judgment of Christ alive, as it says. So by God doing this He saved everyone from the first death. In a way, this gift of Himself in all people is like a video camera or recorder inside all people. At the judgment God will 'play the tape' - and we will "all have to give an account for every idle word we have spoken" as it says. How we look at and speak to people, is as unto the Lord's face then...

They ask, "When did you get saved?" Your reply could be "Saved from what, the first death or the second death?" When I started going to church I got asked this question dozens of times. I never knew how to answer it. The question didn't even make sense to me really. So one day I decided to go to the Lord in prayer and ask what answer I should give? He said, "On the Cross". And to this day, I have never been asked that question again.

Understanding that a deposit of the Glory of God inside the Spirit of His Son is put in people when they are born contradicts Satan’s principal deception - his root of darkness that blinds people - even church going people - even the ones who started going to church with a good heart, but got "puffed up by the yeast of modern day Pharisees", as Jesus said...

Over time, this has produced subtly flawed gospels that make people judge others by human worldly standards. Some of these false gospels teach that people ‘need to receive Jesus’ or that people are ‘alienated from God’ until they do this or do that, but the spiritual power behind these gospels subtly refuses to believe the reconciliation of all people on the cross and the Glory of God in Christ is in them by God’s doing alone! The spirit that stubbornly refuses to believe this is the antichrist spirit or ‘darkness’ in the world, or as the Scriptures say, ‘the power of the holy people’. Daniel 12:7/Rev. 15:4 In other words, those gospels are from the antichrist – which is why Paul cursed and wished dead those who preach these false gospels!

 See Galatians 1

Have We Sparked Your Interest? This was a 10% of what He has given us to co-labor with Him in Restoring the Original Gospel of God and the Charity of the First body of believers.

"If you love someone, you will risk losing their friendship to tell them a precious Truth" - but may it be ever so graceful and gentle - since our enemy has hurt, offended and snared all of us at times...

"Come, walk with us a mile, stay awhile, and together we'll miss the great denial..."

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