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Welcome to


"It's a Power-Walking Ministry that Targets the True Bride of Christ,

and puts in place a Future-Minded System for Provision..."©

Why a Deliverance Ministry

for 'Christians' ?

Vineworks has been created to help the True Bride of Christ come out of the vine of the world, and back into the True Vine. You may ask, 'if they are the "True Bride" how can they be in the wrong vine'? Indeed, that is the question of our Day.

Hurt. Injustice. Sorrow. OFFENCE.  Even though God made His Glorious light to shine in people's hearts, we all fall short of His Glorious leadings in us at times and make mistakes - some of which hurt others. In fact, these 'offences' can pile up so much that they block God from shining through our behaviour. In Habakkuk 1:11, God said this 'offence' is Satan's power, because these offences blind us to the leadings of the Glorious Love inside us.

If offence blinds us towards certain people that's one problem, but if offence blinds us towards God, this creates a 'darkness' within us, which becomes a playground for evil. The old saying that, "hurt people, hurt people..." is very true. In fact, some of the most beautiful Believers have been blinded by offence and become religious and oppressed/oppressive - this is the power of offence at work. This is the power of Satan.

God's Son said He, "didn't come to bring peace but a sword", and that it would cause 'interfamily strife and trouble'. If you have studied Ezekiel 21 about this 'sword' God raised up, you know that it hates certain people. If you have studied you know that God said He would, "sow the seed of Israel and Judah among the seed of men and beast", creating a "furnace of affliction" for the people that this sword hates. So, at times, the True Bride of Christ are people born into families who have been enduring a seemingly endless affliction of strife and pain, being misunderstood and criticized every time they turn around. The 'sword' Jesus came to bring "hates every such stick" as it says, which are these children that are planted in families. When you learn that "the heritage of these people is to refute every tongue that accuses them" as it says in Isaiah 54:17, you can see why God called it a "furnace of affliction". 'Goads' means sticks. So, we can understand why Jesus said to Saul who was persecuting the first body of Believers, "it is hard for you to kick against the goads".  Jesus said it is hard to kick against the "sticks" which are these people, (God's people) that the god of this world hates. Even as it says in Ezekiel, "the sword despises every such stick". So the True Bride of Christ often come off as argumentative and difficult to some family members, and for this they label them poorly - ignoring the truth they stand in. As it says, God did this "to find those who hate Him", and again it says "God ordained them for judgment; and established them for correction." Habakkuk 1:12 (referring to why God raised them up in the first place). We are speaking of the Tares among the Wheat. 

The True Bride of Christ come from all walks of life. The Father is slowly leading them into all Truth so they may or m​ay not go to a church. In fact, the True Bride of Christ are the people who "the Father found to be listening to and learning from Him", as Jesus said, and the Father draws these people to His Son, and 'gives them to Jesus'. To be given to Jesus, is to be given to the Spirit of Truth - an Eternal, Incorruptible Spirit that "doesn't judge by what it sees or hears". Because of this, the True Bride of Christ instinctively hungers for Truth - to see past lies and deceptions, even when the truth might hurt or cost them something - thus the family strife. When the True Bride of Christ are drawn to enter a life of serving the Lord, they do it through the "narrow gate" because they are already listening and learning of the Father. Yet, this is not to say the True Bride of Christ is without struggles and problematic behaviour. Due to much persecution and offence over the years, there can still be things like addiction etc. Jesus said that on the day He returns, "there will be two men in one bed - one will be taken and the other left", so the outward behaviour counts for nothing - obviously. But inwardly, they love and ache for their Lord to come. The True bride is not happy in the world for the most part. Again, this referring to Jesus's own words saying "for those who hate their life in this one, will find their true life in Him". So if the god of this world hasn't been kind to you...we say rejoice, for this means you belong to Him!

Jesus also said there is a 'wide gate', and many people enter Christianity through it. These are the false bride of Christ, or the "foolish virgins" as Jesus said in His parable in Mathew 24. Because these people were not yet found by the Father to be listening and learning from Him, the Father has not 'yet' given them to His Son. They can go along with nearly all teachings from the Bible, except for a few. They instinctively refuse to accept the same teachings that the True Bride rejoice over! The false bride can be highly educated professionals, even highly educated Priests, Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Etc. Yet they still refuse the Gospel in "the Love of the Truth" as Paul said in 2 Thessalonians. They have not learned to "rightly divide the word of God", of them it says in Isaiah 28:13 KJV, "But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken" - meaning 'snared and taken' by deceptive false doctrines.

Because of this, 'church' can be a very confusing and even damaging experience - which is why today, many of the True Bride don't go to church. Sometimes the bright and shiny ones are really the most dangerous, and sometimes the least likely person in the room can be the wisest and closest to God's heart. We're working to remove this confusion, so the True Bride can "come out of her" as it says in the Revelation, and so every person can finally have a fair and just chance to choose "to serve the Lord without fear", based on the Truth of His Heart towards them.

So what is Power-Walking? You don't have to be clothed in pow​er to power-walk, but t it helps! In fact it could just be called power-believing, because intentionally believing that an omnipotent deposit of the glory of God in the Spirit of Christ has been placed in you and others unlocks GREAT POWER! ( Plus mutual respect for others!). Vineworks gatherings are powerful and fun! They're a 'safe' place to discover that people, including you, have had this gift placed in you when you came into this world, as the Bible says in John 1:9 KJV. This gift is the "precious treasure" hidden in you, waiting for you to discover it - and Vineworks helps you make that discovery! ( if you haven't already )

Vineworks does this through a simple process at each gathering, and sometimes when we really connect with our 'child-like faith' in us, people even get Baptized with the Holy Spirit, Fire and Power! ( if they haven't already ) On top of restoring the Original Gospel of God, Vineworks is also restoring the Charity of the Original body of Believers by putting in place a future-minded system for provision, which is a network of 'Storehouse" charitable outlets. With all our new found love and joy, and with the challenges of the future in mind, we think it's a great idea!

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