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Welcome to


"It's a Power-Walking Ministry that Targets the True Bride of Christ,

and puts in place a Future-Minded System for Provision..."©

"Co​me, walk with us a mile, 

stay awhile, and together we'll miss, the great denial..." ©

 This Week's Favourite verse:  "I tell you the truth, Elijah will come, and will restore all things". 

Matthew 17 & Mark 9 

A Word Of Caution...​

Zeal and Passion  moved the first Elijah to stage a showdown, and then kill 850 false prophets who were deceiving the Israelites!  The Israelites were vulnerable to this seduction because they were 'riding the fence' as to whom they would serve in the first place - God or Baal. Today this equates to 'our' struggle to either serve God or Mammon... In the Old Covenant God was ok with hurting people who were deceiving the people He had made a Covenant with. Proving this, God even encouraged Elijah after the massacre

 by visibly walking past Him on the mountain days later!  Yet in the New Covenant, Jesus rebuked Peter for cutting off the ear of the priest named Malchus, (John 18) and Jesus healed the ear back in place! The Bible says God doesn't change and He doesn't, yet HIS Covenant did. It it not a Covenant with only the Jews, it is with ALL people.  

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees saying they "sat in the seat of Moses" which is a seat of legalism and judgment. Many Christians today have been tricked into sitting in this seat and have gained it's supernatural power by doing so. But this Way is not the New Covenant that God made with humanity - it is hurtful, oppressive, and drives people out of the churches. It is critical that you keep this in mind as you discover the information the Lord has given us in this website, our videos, and our books. There is enough information to motivate a desire for vengeance once you "come out of her" (if you haven't already), but our battle is not with people. Please use love, grace, and mercy towards all people. 

Here at Stage II Ministries, we are working to unite people, not blame...  The Body of Believers has a tendency to use their own strength to serve the Lord when things that please the Lord are Revealed to them. Sometimes we do this because we love Him, 

and sometimes we do this because we want to 'graduate' out of a situation or 'season' we're going through.

"We have all been in a very difficult season and that is why this Caution is being written, 

declares the Lord'.   

Besides, in Romans 9 Paul said that 'power-walking' or walking as Jesus walked, "does not depend on our desire or effort, 

but of the Grace of God" to enable it. Painfully, we have all had to learn this...


*The following pages will:

 -explain the "Precious Treasure" of the Glory of God in Christ in You! 

-explain what the VineWorks initiative is.

-explain what we are calling Power-Walking.

        *Please take your time reading these Revelations given us of our Lord and join us on the Narrow Rd, 

 where the Lord has so much in store for you!

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Stage II Ministries & Vineworks

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"Everyone has it within them, 

but not everyone has 

taken it to heart..." ©

Paul evangelized the Corinthians. In his second letter to them he said other 'ministers' had come and preached a different gospel of Jesus, and caused the people to receive a different 'spirit' other than the real Holy Spirit which Paul gave them. Jesus warned that the evolution of this process would lead to nearly-perfect counterfeit Christian experiences. The "Polishing" of this "sword" that Jesus said He came to bring, is why so many Christians will stand before God at the Judgement and be shocked to hear, "away from me you evil doers. I Never knew you". Take heart, this unspeakable and irreversible tragedy is avoidable !

Now Pastors, leaders and Christians alike are being given the insights and understandings to see through it all, and prepare for the Lord's return. So just as Jesus promised, "All things are being restored."

It's Time To Rise And Shine Church!

"Get ready... That you may be counted worthy

to escape these things..."  Luke 21