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Welcome to


"It's a Power-Walking Ministry that Targets the True Bride of Christ,

and puts in place a Future-Minded System for Provision..."©

"Co​me, walk with us a mile,

stay awhile, and together we'll miss, the great denial..." ©

Vineworks is setting up an International Network of  Storehouse Outlets. These Outlets are designed to help Individuals and Nations recover from the Health and Financial devastation

caused by the 'Covid 19 Pandemic'.  

It is a unique, Patented System, that has never been used before.

Do you need help?

Are you interested in helping others?

So what is Power-Walking?

You don't have to be clothed in power to power-walk: But it helps! In fact it could just be called power-believing, because intentionally believing that an omnipotent deposit of the glory of God in the spirit of Christ has been placed in you and others unlocks GREAT POWER! 

Vineworks gatherings are powerful and fun!  They're a 'safe' place to discover that people, including you, have had this gift placed in you when you came into this world, as the Bible says in John 1:9 KJV.  This gift is like a "precious treasure" hidden in you, waiting for you to discover it - and Vineworks helps you make that discovery!  ( if you haven't already )

Vineworks does this through a simple process at each gathering, and sometimes when we really connect with that 'child-like faith' in us to believe, people even get Baptized with the Holy Spirit's fire and power!  ( if they haven't already )  

On top of all this life-giving fun, Vineworks is also putting in place a future-minded system for provision, which is made up of  'Storehouse Outlets'.  With all our new found love and joy, and with the challenges of the future in mind, we think it's a great idea to also restore the valuable act of giving to those in need. This is how the first believers lived and cared for one another a long time ago.

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Stage II Ministries & Vineworks

Sovereign Ski Ranches

Storehouse Outlets

"Everyone has it within them, 

but not everyone has 

taken it to heart..." ©

Paul evangelized the Corinthians. In his second letter to them he said other 'ministers' had come and preached a different gospel of Jesus, and caused the people to receive a different 'spirit' other than the real Holy Spirit which Paul gave them. Jesus warned that the evolution of this process would lead to nearly-perfect counterfeit Christian experiences. The "Polishing" of this "sword" that Jesus said He came to bring, is why so many Christians will stand before God at the Judgement and be shocked to hear, "away from me you evil doers. I Never knew you". Take heart, this unspeakable and irreversible tragedy is avoidable !

Now Pastors, leaders and Christians alike are being given the insights and understandings to see through it all, and prepare for the Lord's return. So just as Jesus promised, "All things are being restored."

It's Time To Rise And Shine Church!

"Get ready... That you may be counted worthy

to escape these things..."  Luke 21